Welcome to our Website FINALLY

For the past 12 months Kat and I have been talking about getting a website up and running to help with our order process as well as making us more accessible to those who are not on Facebook.

Well we waited and waited for our teenage and adult sons to organise themselves to create one for us until it got to the point in sheer frustration that I have had to learn the basics of web design.

So bear with us and provide us feed back if a link is not working etc.

I have to say its been pretty easy to do with the Shopify Cart. We did a lot of research and found it consistently was in the top 10 of e-commerce websites. So happy with it so far.

If you are looking at getting a website Shopify works on a referral system to all help each other. So if you are wanting to discuss please let us know and we can use the referral process. Then in turn your customers can be used as your referrals and we all win.  

The reward for the referrals is that you don't have to pay your monthly fee so it helps everyone..


Have a great day and hope you enjoy our little first attempt of our website


Keep crafting 


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